Thank you for making this a great event!

Thank you all for attending the inaugural Alt.Share event! Additional thanks to everyone who presented or led a presentation! All together, in just three short hours, we had nine presentations on topics ranging from gender to polyamory to BDSM, and more. On top that, through your generosity, we were able to raise $105 for The Network/La Red!

We are already excited for the next event, which we think will be even better, and larger! There is an announcement only group, which will only be used to contact people once the next event is planned. If you’re interested in discussing anything regarding the topics presented today, or discussion alt.share generally, please feel free to join our discussion group. If you are interested in getting involved in the organization of future alt.share events, or have ideas for improving alt.share, please reach out the discussion list or altshareboston [AT] gmail ~DOT~ com!

Thank you again to the Boston University Women’s Resource Center!

Videos coming soon!

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Alt.Share is an unconference on April 3rd, 12:30pm-5:00pm at the Boston University Women’s Resource Center based on the idea that sexuality affects all aspects of life and that anyone with the desire to learn has the right to do so and has something to contribute to this open environment. Its goal is to share knowledge and promote discussion on a range of topics related to sexuality.

Alt.share is inspired by the BarCamp model, forked from KinkForAll (alt), and works the same way. All attendees are invited to present on any topic they would like for 20 minute presentation slots throughout the afternoon. Presentations can be in any form the participant chooses, whether it is a talk, discussion, or a mix of the two.

The event is free to attend, although we will be requesting a $5 option donation to The Network/La Red. The Network/La Red was formed to address battering in lesbian, bisexual women’s, BDSM and transgender communities. The event is generously sponsored by Boston University Women’s Resource Center and Boston Student Sex-Positive Group. Contact altshareboston [AT] gmail ~DOT~ com .

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You!  You are awesome!  This event will be just as awesome as you are!  Bring your desire to share and learn!

If you’d like to RSVP (completely not requited) do so below:
Attdance Spreedsheet!

If you have something you want to share to make Alt.Share more awesome or something you want to make your presentation more awesome please let others know at the form below:
Have/Want Spreedsheet!

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When? Where?

April 3rd, 12:30pm-4:30pm at the Boston University Women’s Resource Center.

The Boston University Women’s Resource Center is located in the basement of the George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215.  This is on the B Green line of the T or the 57 bus.

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Promotion Needed!

Please spread the news about this! Email list! Flyers at stores! Posters in the halls!

See a flyer here or here or make your own!

Share the facebook event or the fetlife event!

Email this text:
Alt.Share is an afternoon alternative sexuality unconference on April 3rd at 12:30pm at BU- its goal is to share knowledge and promote discussion on a range of topics related to the intersection of sexuality and the rest of life, including polyamory, queer theory, activism, BDSM, and sex work. As an unconference (inspired by models like BarCamp [] and forked from KinkForAll []), everyone who attends is welcome to present on any topic they choose. Twenty minute presentation slots will be made available from the start to the end of the afternoon in three different session rooms.

For more information and examples of presentations please visit the Alt.Share website [].

The event is intended to be accessible to everyone college-aged and up, particularly people who are not part of a sexually focused community. Because the discussion are generated by the participants on the spot you have full power to make them interesting and relevant!

Please come whether you are interested in presenting, joining a discussion, or just listening! We are expecting a relatively small crowd, given the short notice and that this is the inaugural event, but hope it will draw a diverse mix of people. Your presence is what will make this awesome, so do join us!

The event is graciously sponsored by the Boston University Women's Resource Center [] at 775 Commonwealth Avenue and is free to attend (there is a $5 suggested donation for The Network/La Red []). No advance registration is required but consider listing yourself here [].

Please help spread the word!

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What are some ways I can help?

Everything that happens to make a this event happen is a result of people participating with their own time and resources. These activities range widely and include, but are not limited to:

* bringing food,
* leading sessions,
* publicizing and advocating the event to friends,
* bringing needed items to the event itself,
* handling logistics before the event,
* putting up signage,
* taking photographs or recording audio or video,
* volunteering to help keep time at the event
* and the list goes on….

How do I go about leading a session?

When you arrive at the event, there will be a large poster board or other signage called a Schedule Grid. This grid begins empty and lists all the time slots per session location. Nearby, there will also be a pile of sticky/post-it notes and pens or markers.

To lead a session, write your session topic and your name or pseudonym on a post-it note and then stick it into a free session slot on the schedule grid.

Be courteous; do not pull other people’s session topics off the grid if there are no more available session slots. You have 20 minutes for your session. This includes everything from start to finish. A timekeeper will provide you with one warning as you approach the end of your session slot when there are 3 minutes remaining.

What can I present?
* First off, you can present. You do not need to be an expert on your topic; this is your opportunity to share with others, even and perhaps especially if you have never led a session like it before!
* You are welcome to present on any topic with any relation to sexuality or gender. Your topic does not need to be directly related, but you should find some way to connect the dots to the theme of the event: sexuality, gender, sexual freedom, and sexual diversity.
* Feel free to be challenging, controversial, spontaneous, and authentic. You do not need to come specifically well-prepared (although you are, of course, welcome to prepare in advance if you want to), and you are encouraged to discuss your passions passionately.
* Different formats are encouraged. You could make your session a short lecture, a poetry reading, a facilitated discussion, a multi-media presentation, or sharing an experience.
* Keep it simple; don’t try to get too elaborate because the the time limit simply does not accommodate an extended demonstration of complex technique.

Don’t worry! Remember that leading a session or making a presentation are not required of you, simply encouraged. There are plenty of other ways to help, each of which counts as participating!

Taken from here.

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Some examples please?

Some videos from the unconfrance this was forked from:
Gender Theory and Why You Should Care

Sex and Fraternity Life

Sex Work(er) Q&A Panel

Sexuality Empowerment Student Groups Unpanel

Part 2

Slash, Boys, Buttsex, and Social Change

The text of a presentation that was given:
Political Correctness and Your Kink

See more here.

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